Snow Day!

It has snowed about eight inches here, something we’re not used to! It’s beautiful and powdery and begging to be played in. There will be lots of play, cuddling to get warm, delicious chili, and cozy reading going on. So excited! 

4 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. We are getting 40 centimetres of snow overnight and into tomorrow. That is like 16 inches? *goes to google* 15.75 inches. I am not nearly as excited about this as you are. lol

  2. Whoa! Look at your blog! Whole new look! I love it! Do you love it? I love it! Is this brand new or have I just been missing your last thousand million posts? Anyway, we got no snow where I am at, which was disappointing, but it is quite chilly today and I would like to keep the chilliness as we have had virtually no winter weather up until this time. I like to keep my apartment very cold during cold months. It makes me feel like a tough, tough pioneer, and also if there are any rodents outside looking for a warm home, they will LOOK ELSEWHERE.

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