Currently // Looking for Structure

So, guess what?

I aced my class. And I am completely delighted. Incidentally, do you want to see my projects from the semester? I’ve debated on doing a post (or posts) on them but wasn’t sure anyone was interested.

So, here I am, “free” as a bird, until the next semester starts and I get to take BOOKS AND IMAGES. Do you have ANY idea how excited I am about that? Truly, I can’t wait to get started.

However, since I know what a huge chunk of life taking just one college class takes out of my life, I am looking to add some structure to it, my life – and I want that life to include more blogging. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed you! SO. I need a schedule and am working on one. One that will hopefully be not boring for any of us.

In other news, I had the first huge migraine I’ve had in ages Friday night and into Saturday. It’s gone now, but I have what I can only call a migraine-hangover now. Sooooo tired. Will lay around and read all day, if my brain lets me. Am I the only one who feels like their brain turns to scrabbled eggs after a bad headache?

As usual I have too many books going. I started My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante yesterday, once the migraine started letting up, and read about 50 pages. I think I’m going to like it. I also have bookmarks in Slade House by David Mitchell, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, and I’m almost finished with the audio of Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett (such a delight). In fact, I think I’m going to wrap this up, having a cup of coffee, and dive back into My Brilliant Friend. Happy Sunday everyone!

9 thoughts on “Currently // Looking for Structure

  1. I really must get to Elena Ferrante at some point. Heard so much good stuff about those books.

    And congratulations on your class, always nice to do well 🙂 I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be interested in seeing some of your course work.

  2. Be nice to see you around more. I blog on a schedule now and it works for me, but maybe it is boring for others judging by how many people comment on my blog in the run of a week. lol

  3. Congrats on the class! (And love the new header…although, it may not be new? I’ve been reading on my phone mostly and don’t always see everything there. It’s nice to check in on blogs occasionally on the laptop! 🙂 ). Would love to see what you’ve been working on. I, too, picked up a copy of My Brilliant Friend this fall, but probably am not going to get to it before the end of the year. I’ve heard that the first one is the slowest, and then they really pick up the pace (not sure what that means?).

  4. Congratulations!
    I hope your migraine is not a sign of things to come, but instead a single occurrence after having such a long time without one.
    I would love to see the project, btw.

    1. PS feel free to say no but did you want to do Book Blogger Appreciation Week again in 2017? If you are too busy that’s okay! I just, I feel like we desperately need something good, and Book Blogger Appreciation Week always makes me feel so happy, and the #diversebookbloggers has become super vibrant in the last year and it would be great to talk about that some and meet new blogging friends and appreciate everyone. Thoughts?

  5. I would LOVE to see your class projects! After all, you spent time on them and deserve to share them with others.

    I hear you about structure. Even though I do have a fairly regimented life, I find myself rather rudderless and lost at the moment. I feel the need to reflect and do some thinking on what I want to do, what will make me happy, etc. I just need to find a purpose again.

    Hopefully, that nasty migraine was just your body’s way of sloughing off the stress of the semester, and you will be pain-free for the rest of your break! Enjoy your much-deserved time off!

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