Currently // Post Thanksgiving Malaise


So? How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful. Very filling.


I made a pie. Cooked a turkey. Made some kick-ass gravy. And slept off the tryptophan. Spent most of Saturday down with a migraine. And am drained today. (Migraine’s always leave me drained the day after.) Yet, all in all, the holiday was a delight.

Now, I’m meal planning and grocery shopping planning and December planning. How is it December? We put a CHRISTMAS TREE today. Wasn’t it summer yesterday? SLOW DOWN LIFE. Good God.

I have three classes left and exams and then I am free until January. I hope you’re ready for me. I have a lot of blogging pent-up inside and there is no telling WHAT will happen.

Have a great week y’all!

5 thoughts on “Currently // Post Thanksgiving Malaise

  1. We won’t decorate for the holidays until next weekend. It needs to be December before I can do it. I am weird like that.

    Good luck on the last few classes and exams! I can’t wait to see what blogging mischief you are going to be up to when you no longer have class keeping you busy!

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