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I had to stay in yesterday to do a bit of laundry. 5 loads and 1.5 books later, I still have laundry. How does this work? I DO NOT GET IT. Laundry sucks.

The book I read yesterday, THE BLUE GIRL by Laurie Foos, was marvelous. So mysterious and magical and why didn’t I read it last year? Geez me. I can be so daft. Read it people. Reminded me of Alice Hoffman. With moon pies.

The other book I started, and have read half of, is THE MOTION OF PUPPETS by Keith Donohue. I have loved Donohue for years; I even interviewed him once upon a time. (He is a delight and so kind.) Yet, I have only ever read THE STOLEN CHILD. I really have no idea what is wrong with me. I need to read all his books and reread TSC to boot. I think I’ll do that in audio, which I conveniently have. Yay me!

Today I need to: make two gluten free pie crusts for Thanksgiving, sort out the meals for the week, get my daughter from a sleepover, and DO MY BLOODY HOMEWORK. We’re redesigning currency in class, 3 bills, both sides, so I have 6 designs to make. I’m basically done with all 6 but I want to do some fine tuning. Then on to my last project! I have loved this class so much.

Off to finish my coffee and read more of THE MOTION OF PUPPETS. Happy Sunday all!

6 thoughts on “Currently // November 20, 2016

  1. Are you doing The Motion of Puppets on audio? I was leaning that way but no one seems to be liking it, so now I am hesitant. Like you I have only got around to The Stolen Child by him.

  2. UGH laundry. I did laundry the other night and something went awry that caused my washing machine to go KATHUNK KATHUNK KATHUNK which, er, ominous! The consensus seems to be that my blanket probs got tangled up all on one side and that my washing machine will be generally fine — hope this is correct! My landlord hates it when I call him for repairs, and I do nottttt want to go through this holiday season and all the houseguests without a working laundry system.

  3. Here it is the day before Thanksgiving, and I still have pies to make. Thankfully, they are pumpkin and are easy. Still, I feel like such a slacker this year. The holiday season seems to have sprung up from nowhere.

    I hope you have had a great week and have an even better holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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