Currently // I have a story to tell….

You may have noticed I’ve been quiet about the election. You may not have. There is a lot going on and my lack of voice would probably not be noticed. However, I’m speaking, briefly, about it and then I’m done. I’m not going to bash either candidate. I’m not here to talk about them at all.

I want to tell you a story.

My mother abandoned me when I was 3 years old. My father died when I was 8. As a result, I was raised by my paternal grandparents. They did everything they could to make sure I had a great childhood and they succeeded. One of my favorite things were the visits from my uncle (Mama’s brother) and his wife. They had a small farm with several horses and we traded visits weekly. Some weekends we would go there and I would play with their horses and humongous black cat. Some days they would come to our house and we would make cherry ice cream and I would listen to them talk about the Good Ole Days. I adored my uncle and couldn’t wait to see him every weekend. If I were writing a book, these would be the idyllic days of childhood with warm rays of sunlight falling on sweet, pink, homemade ice cream.


My Mama was a die-hard Democrat. My Papa was more quiet about it, but he was too.

My uncle’s wife was very, very Republican.

I wasn’t there when it happened, but words were said. My uncle and his wife left. And I didn’t seem them again until my Papa’s funeral. And then my Mama’s funeral. And then my uncle’s.

They literally never spoke again.

My feelings on this election are as conflicted as everyone else’s. I am hurt, scared, confused. I have cried, so many tears, watching this country fall apart at the seams. And it may be wrong to not raise my voice, but I’ve seen how a family can be torn apart by voices. The heat of the moment. Misunderstanding and miscommunication. The failure to keep a cool head.

My family is the most important thing to me and I will do ANYTHING to keep them safe. And together. I voted my conscience. I voted with what I believe. And I will continue to do so, with every means at my disposal. I don’t feel the need to shout it to the world and I won’t. I was raised not to. You may think it cowardly and I’m okay with that. I have other ways to voice my opinion and I make it count.

This is all I have to say. The only thing I hope you can take away from this is perhaps to think.

Think about the world and think about home. Don’t let the heat of the moment carry you away. Say things that can’t be taken back.

I love you all.