Monthly Wrap Up – October 2016

time goes by

If there hadn’t been a readathon and lots of comics, I’m not sure I would have read anything this month! My second project for class was the create an alphabet from “found objects.” I chose crayons. And much playing and creating ensued. I’m finished with it now, thank goodness, but we started a new project yesterday! It’s something to do with politics too, like I’m not sick unto DEATH of politics. *sigh* Hopefully it will be better than it sounds.

AnyHOO. Here is what I read this month.

124. Wayward, Issue 16 by Jim Zub
125. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, read by Tim Robbins
126. Giant Days, Issue 19, by John Allison
127. Yesternight, by Cat Winters, read by Xe Sands
128. Lumberjanes, Issue 30 by Shannon Watters
129. Printer’s Devil Court by Susan Hill
130. Faith: Volume 1 – Hollywood and Vine by Joy Houser
131. Lumberjanes, Issue 31 by Shannon Watters
132. Wayward, Issue 17 by Jim Zub
133. The Sword, Issue 1 by the Luna Brothers
134. The Sword, Issue 2 by The Luna Brothers
135. The Sword, Issue 3 by The Luna Brothers
136. The Sword, Issue 4 by The Luna Brothers
137. The Sword, Issue 5 by The Luna Brothers
138. The Sword, Issue 6 by The Luna Brothers

My favorite was Yesternight, hands down. It’s rare that a book truly surprises me any more and the ending completely surprised me. So fun. I also read Fahrenheigh 451 for the first time and it was great. Tim Robbins, while a bit mumbly at times, was great. I’ll be reading it again.Sans mumbles.

I’m working on my Nonfiction November list now. I’m so happy it’s here! I’m ready to binge on some nonfiction!

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