The Hubby Is Reading?

First, thanks everyone for the get better wishes. I am, for the most part, all better. I have a lingering stuffy nose, but consider myself cured.

I have news.

The strangest change has come over my house the last couple of weeks.  Everyday after I get off work, I have to pick up the kids from either their Nana or Mema’s house, before I come home.  I usually get home to the hubby watching a movie, a TV show, or playing a game.  Lately, however, I have been coming home to him sitting on the porch, smoking a cigarette, and…reading.  Yes, reading.  My most non-readerly-husband has been tearing through all of my graphic novels.  Well, almost all of them.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’ll be reading Maus any time soon.  Although, I may try to talk him into it.

No, he’s been reading all of my Fables and Jack graphic novels.  He liked them very much.  He finished last night; so I guess things are going to get back to normal – at least as normal as it ever is around my house.  He has actually read further into these series than I have.  I have not read the newest from each series yet.  He’s famous for holding things like that over my head, pretending he’s going to tell me the ending and such.  I want to read through again, because I’ve forgotten a lot, so he’s been teasing me a lot. 

Drives me crazy.

In other news, the boy has taken a few steps on his own.  Yesterday, he fell flat on his belly.  Look out world!

7 thoughts on “The Hubby Is Reading?

  1. Man, none of the guys I have ever been with have been readers. I used to think that is what I wanted in a guy, someone that read too, but I have come to the conclusion that as long as he can take my ramblings and deal with the amount of books that follow me home, I don't care if he actually reads himself. haha. Although, it still would be nice to be something that you could share reading with… Hardly any of my friends read either, so I don't have that option either. It is just the computer, so I am glad for that… I think I just rambled…

  2. I'll check it out Les. He may very well like it. Thanks for the rec!

    Kailana, I used to think that too. But with him reading these last few weeks and me, well, not, it hasn't been that great. It's hard to get his attention. The kids were annoyed as much as I was about that. And he'd get ill if we interrupted him. I think I got a taste of my own medicine!

  3. Reading is much better that TV show. Obviously. He can tell a lot of nice stories to your son when he will grow up a little. )

  4. I wish my hubby would jump in on my love of reading. Opposities attract couldn't be more true in my house. He's watching "Family Guy" Im blogging and really looking forward to going to bed ( and reading.

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