This Week For Dinner – Week of November 1st


Hello! And Happy Halloween! Let’s keep it safe and smart out there, you hear me?

So, last week’s work in making a meal plan…helped. Unfortunately, I’ve been brought low by bronchitis, AGAIN, so I didn’t do as much cooking as I would have LIKED. But I did manage to cook 2 out of 4 days. This feels like a win. So, here we go again.

Sunday – Probably leftovers. Saturday is a Halloween/birthday party for my husband and I’m holding out hope that someone will actually get me a gluten free pizza this time instead of me bringing my own supper. Again. There is always hope people. Always hope.

Monday – Planning to try this Sausage, Potato, and Cabbage Tray bake. I’m hoping it’s easy.

Tuesday – It’s my husband’s actual birthday and he requested tacos. So boring ole tacos it is. At least I KNOW that’s easy.

WednesdayLasagna soup! It’s time! I have that feeling in my bones! I’ll be using gluten free lasagna noodles.

Thursday – Eating with my family.

Friday – Me. All alone. AWESOME. I think I’ll have macaroni and cheese.

Saturday – Do this all over again!

Let’s hope making this list will help me stay organized, focuses, and get it done quickly! How do you plan for the week?

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6 thoughts on “This Week For Dinner – Week of November 1st

  1. I find meal planning to be be a big help — as long as I don’t feel a slave to it. Sounds like you have a good plan going. I’ve bookmarked that sausage tray; my husband would *love* it! We had tacos last week, chili this week. I can’t seem to go very many days without some kind of tex-mex flavor.

  2. I’m a meal planner, too, though I try to build in a little flexibility, too. It really helps just thinking about what to eat once a week instead of every night! The lasagna soup sounds really good. Think I’ve seen a slow cooker version floating around Pinterest…

  3. I’ve made a recipe similar to that Sausage, Potato, Cabbage Tray and it was yummy. I love Tacos, so that would be fine with me. Have a great week!

  4. I don’t plan for the week. I always plan to plan, and never do! My husband does almost all of the weeknight cooking and I try to do some on the weekends. Today for lunch we’re having soup and salads, and last night I cooked kielbasa with onions and peppers, all the while thinking “group 1 carcinogen”. But ate it, anyway!

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