On a Reading Binge…

Been on a reading binge!
Been on a reading binge!

if you’re at all curious as to where I’ve been; I’ve been reading like an insatiable reading fiend!  8 books in the last 2 weeks! 

No time to blog, must read!!

I’m sure I’ll slow down soon.  This is unprecedented, but I’m sure it won’t last much longer.  

I’m reading Breaking Dawn now and I have a distinct impression once that is done I may go into a slump.  It’s been a loooooooong time since I read so much in such a short amount of time.

9 thoughts on “On a Reading Binge…

  1. Book binges are always a good thing. I just realized that I haven't finished a book in August yet, so I really need to get cracking!

  2. Good for you! I should turn the computer off for a week and read, read, read! Instead, I'm taking a trip to VA and hopefully will find some time to read between playing with my granddaughter and catching some rays at the beach.

  3. Is there something in the air? I've been averaging a book a day, sometimes two for about the last month. The latest one is a Cold War spy thriller, Bear Any Burden, that covers about 90 years of European history in a fast paced plot with lots of twists and turns. I definitely have to slow down soon — I think I'm starting to become sleep deprived. 🙂

  4. I recently read a copy of “Bear Any Burden” by Ellis Goodman. It is a compelling family saga, suspense story, thriller, and romance all in one. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in the mystery – espionage genre.

  5. I picked up the novel, "Bear Any Burden" after attending the Chicago Printers Row Book Fair where the author, Ellis Goodman, was a panelist.
    First time author – first time novel, and it's an exciting read. A thriller/espionage story with a little romance added. It takes place over a span of 90 years, with much historical information. Highly recommended.

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