This Week For Dinner – Week of 9/27


Whoa, you guys. Last week was freaking crazy. Monday night I had to work late to finish up a huge project at work. I just grabbed something when I got home. Daughter had her first band concert Tuesday, which brought back so many lovely memories (proud band geek here!) so we went out that night. A local chain just finally introduced gluten free pizza and y’all. It was amazing. I haven’t had a decent pizza in such a long time. So good. The rest of the week went by in a crazy rush. I don’t even know what we ate, which may be because by Thursday I was sick and didn’t want anything anyway! Yay bronchitis! I’m hoping by tomorrow my appetite will pick back up and I can get a few things out of my freezer. It’s freezer week! Yay!

Sunday – I have a small chicken thawing and hope to make some sort of chicken soup or dumplings with it. Just have to find a recipe for gluten free dumplings I trust. Maybe this one? The last (and only time) I tried to make gluten free dumplings resulted in a gloopy mess. I loved my grandmother’s recipe, so my standards are high.

Monday – What is it about Monday’s? I never feel like cooking. I have some kielbasa and potatoes left over from another day, so I’m doing to try this Cheesy Brat Casserole. Casseroles are easy, right?

Tuesday – I’m leaning toward this Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup. Hurray for crock pots! Plus, it gets those chicken breasts out of the freezer.

Wednesday – I have some fish in the freezer. I love to eat fish out, at restaurants, made by people who know how to cook fish. It’s never quite the same when I make it at home. I still keep trying though! I thought I’d do this method this time. It looks delish. I’ve been wanting some Brussels sprouts, so I think we’ll have some of those, roasted, with the fish and perhaps some rice.

Thursday – I’m hoping we can eat out this night. We usually eat with my aunt and uncle, but they are at the beach. I’d love to go back and get another pizza!

Friday – It’s just me! At home! No kids! No hubby! I may eat a pint of ice cream.

Saturday – Do this all over again!

Let’s hope making this list will help me stay organized, focuses, and get it done quickly! How do you plan for the week?

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5 thoughts on “This Week For Dinner – Week of 9/27

  1. I plan like the best of them. It is my execution that always falters. Usually, I have the best recipes planned, and then the end of the workday comes and I just cannot summon the energy to cook. I am trying to get better at this.

  2. Popcorn and wine for that night alone! And yes, yay for the slow cooker!

    Pay attention to the timing for fish. Every book you’ll ever read says 10 minutes an inch for fish *no matter the fish or cooking method*. But we have better success at 12 minutes per inch. Maybe just our taste or our stove/oven/grill.

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