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  • I have a big ole crush to start with this week. Our state, North Carolina, has a magazine (called Our State ha!) and this months issue features “voices” of our state. On the cover is Rhiannon Giddens. I had not heard of her, but I had heard of her band Carolina Chocolate Drops (their cover of Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style is a thing of wonder). She released a solo album earlier this year and holy cow guacamole she is great. She’s like a cross between Nina Simone and Patsy Cline.

This is my favorite song of hers so far. Listen to her! What a set of pipes.

And, speaking of Patsy Cline, check out this cover!

*weeps* Check out more music here. Seriously, do it.

  • Another thing I AM HUGELY EXCITED about this week is RIP X! I am loving all the posts and tweets and just general excitement going on for this event. Makes my readerly heart so very happy. Check out some of the tweets and reviews that have already gone up! And heck, JOIN IN THE FUN.


  • I love love love Pinterest and I love Trish’s Pin It and Do It Challenges! (Sign up here!) There are several things I’ve pinned that I want to do, so I’ll be reporting back on this one!
  • Remember last week when I was obsessing over double exposures! I did it!

double negative play

I’m so proud of me.

That’s it this week. I’ve been too busy to be obsessed with much! What are you currently obsessing over?

10 thoughts on “Currently Crushing On….

  1. Ooooh, I love that double exposure picture!! And I’m hoping to squeeze in several RIP reads as well. Love this season. Thanks for the Pin it and Do it shout out. 🙂

  2. That double exposure is AWESOME.

    Also, that woman’s voice. Dang. I wish I had pipes like that!

    Speaking of RIPX, after I finish my morning blog commenting, I’m off to read some horror. Yippee!

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