My Year of Reading Dangerously

great.jpgAt last I can mark Great Expectations OFF my list!!  I have completed it!

And I have to admit, it wasn’t quite what I expected (no pun intended!).  I’m not totally sure whether I can say I enjoyed it…more that I enjoyed parts of it. And I am greatly enjoying the discussion we are having about it at the MYoRD Blog.

I had several problems with it though. I never really warmed up to Pip. I came close to it at the end, when the little chit wised up a little bit.  And while I liked our…what to call her, she wasn’t exactly a villian…well, I liked Estella, sort of, I felt she wasn’t a part of the story nearly enough. I did enjoy the heck out of Miss Havisham though. I really did not care for the way Dickens portrayed women at all.  Was there one good woman?  Besides Biddy?  And, of course, dear ole Joe.  I liked Joe. 

All in all, I am glad I read it and, while it may take awhile, I will eventually read Dickens again.

4 thoughts on “My Year of Reading Dangerously

  1. What'd you think of Wemmick? I keep forgetting about him, but I really liked him! I didn't remember him at all from my first reading, but he and the Aged were a hoot!

  2. Way to go! I knew you could do it! It's been a year and a few months since I finished it but I remember enjoying it but being frustrated over some of the characters. I keep meaning to check out the movie version with Gwynth Paltrow I think it's a modern take on it.

  3. I loved Wemmick and the Aged. Their scenes were probably my favorites of the whole book.

    Nancy, I just loved Joe. I too loved how he always said that and "Ever the best of friends, Pip. Ever the best of friends." Such a good soul.

    Thanks Ashleigh!! I am quite proud of myself. You know, I wanted to see that too, until I saw they changed the names of all the characters except Estella. Even Miss Havisham has a different name!

    Now if I can just make it through The Lord of the Rings!

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