A Readathon Mini-Challenge – Spine Poetry!

One of my all time favorite mini-challenges is the Spine Poetry challenge. Even though I am terrible at poetry. So, when I saw no one had suggested it, I snatched it up. So, what IS spine poetry? For newbies, it is where you take a select number of books and use the titles to make a poem! Easy peasy! See:


And I’m horrible at poetry. So you have totally got this!

The prize?

I want to give away something special, but I also want to give away something people want. SO. If you care to glance over at my side bar, so far this year I have read 78 books (although, by the time you read this, I hope it’s more!). Pick 1 book from there that you would like to read and I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU. International peoples, if it’s on Book Depository, you can have it too. I WILL BUY YOU ONE.


Make some poetry. Take a picture. Post it on your blog. And link up to it here. I will pick a winner in the 2:00 EST hour.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Sorry I’m late. I, um, sorta fell asleep. So. After careful consideration (there were so many wonderful entries!) I asked my daughter to pick a number. The winner is number 42;

Kate @ Kate’s Book Nook

Congratulations Kate! Let me know your choice and I’ll get it out to you post haste. Thank you everyone for playing! Enjoy your readathon!!

27 thoughts on “A Readathon Mini-Challenge – Spine Poetry!

  1. What a cool challenge! I am a first time Read-a-thon’er, and I think this is such a neat, clever idea. I actually just moved, so most of my books are still in boxes, but I’ll try to dig some out here shortly and see what I can come up with. : )

  2. Always love this mini challenge 🙂 Thanks for doing it Heather!! And thank YOU for being such a great host as always 😀 Yep…gonna keep telling you that. Hope you have some fun reading now that your hosting duties are all done!!!

  3. Hubby has the camera right now, so I couldn’t get an actual picture of my stack of books, but I’ve done what I could with pictures from online and a little crazy creativity. :O)

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