Saturday Farmer’s Market

Saturday Farmer’s Market is an event I started a couple of years ago, but kind of let get away from me. My dear, dear friend Chris asked me if he could take it over and I was delighted to turn the reins over to him. Check out his blog for more gardening and good food goodness and join in the fun!

It’s been awhile, so I thought I’d show you how things are growing.


Obviously, it’s pretty green around here!


To-MAY-toes! Yum!!!I can’t wait to put that on some bread.


The beans plants are almost as tall as me!


We have sugar snap peas!! Daughter says, well, I don’t know how to type it out, but it’s the aural equivalent of YUM.


SOMETHING has been eating on my brussels sprout leaves. I have to spray them. As soon as I make the spray. My blender is going to love me.


Cucumber bloom! There are lots and lots of inch long cucumbers in there.


Yummy, yummy mint. I have to make some lemonade.


This week I cut down all the oregano and am drying it. Not a moment too soon either; I’m on my last jar of dried!


And here is the comfrey salve I made. It looks, feels, and smells marvelous! Next time, I will add just a little bit more beeswax. I’d like it a touch thicker.


The kids caught Mr. Pip here last week and we set him free today. I’m going to miss him. He always held my finger when I picked him up!

So, how are things growing where you are? Do you have a garden? Do you want to start one? You know I want to hear all about it.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer’s Market

  1. You people in warmer climates! We won’t see tomatoes for a few weeks. We’re still on strawberries and just said good-bye to rhubarb.

  2. You make your own salve? That’s wonderful! Was it hard to make? Tell us more! You’re garden looks great. We have finally started planting new flowers in our backyard and so far they seem to be doing ok but our backyard needs tons of work.

  3. Sigh. I’m a little jealous! So much green and so much space!! That tomato! Our just have little flowers, no fruit spotted yet. Love your turtle friend 🙂

  4. Turtle!!!! 😀 Everything looks SO fantastic 😀 Looks like you need to put out some beer traps for the brussel sprouts! If it’s slugs, it’ll get them!

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