December Classics Challenge Question

What is your favorite memory of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Have you ever read it? If not, will you? Why should others read it rather than relying on the film adaptions?


I have never read A Christmas Carol all the way through.


You see, I have this hate/hate relationship with Charles Dickens. He hates me. I hate him. Or, okay, yeah, it’s mostly hate from my side because OBVIOUSLY he’s never met me, nor will he ever, since he’s dead and all, but I like to think that if we ever were to meet, he would hate me. Because I hate him.

Honestly, I strongly believe that I just haven’t found MY Charles Dickens book yet. We’re going to remedy that this coming year; it’s on my goal list. For now, however, he remains my literary nemesis.

Of course, I KNOW the story of A Christmas Carol. I’m not sure you can live in the modern world and not be exposed to it. I’ve seen The Muppet Christmas Carol. I watched Scrooged just a couple of days ago. I’ve seen Mickey’s Christmas Carol a TON of times, as it’s one of my kids favorites. I have seen the travesty that features Jim Carrey *cringe*. And I’m sure a dozen others that failed to register with me. I have a feeling that my familiarity with the story is what leads me to be unable to actually read the book. I know the story too well. There are no surprises. It’s too wrapped up in the fabric of my Christmas holidays. While I KNOW I should read the original (it’s the only version that remains unchanged, duh), I’m afraid it’s to firmly ingrained in my mind to be something “new.” And more often than not with classics, I need it to be “new” (as in, I’ve never read it and I’m not particularly familiar with the story) for me to read it. I’m weird. I know this.