Thankfully Reading Weekend!

The turkey has been eaten. The dessert long gone. It’s time to curl up and head off that post-holiday nappy time with reading. I have 4 days of freedom (except for the very brief trek I’m going to make this evening to Walmart and I hope to soak up as much of the written word as I can. I have a LOT of reading to do with The Count, as well as Speaker for the Dead, Philip Pullman’s take on Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and so. much. more.

See? I moved one of my shelves to the area beside my head (and I LOVE IT SO MUCH) and I have one shelf dedicated to all the things I want to read right now. It’s kinda scary. And beautiful. I have a couple of shelves with all my most favorite reads, and it made me want to reread all of them too! Eek!

Anyhoosie. I think I’ll go snag one last piece of cake (you know I was kidding about the dessert, right?) and cozy up with my Dantes. Catch ya later, gator!