My little beauties


He’s getting big!


She’s all smiles and very excited about her birthday on Saturday.  She’s going to be 4!  Sob!

We’re all doing great.  A little sleep deprived…haha…but good.  More news as soon as I get a chance!  Just didn’t want y’all to think I’d forgotten my blog.  I’ve only partially forgotten it 😉

What a week…


Young Master Wesley is in a milk induced coma and Young Miss Ellie has gone to her Nana’s, so at last, I have a chance to sit down and talk!  Whew!

We had quite an experience at the hospital last week.  If you frequent my blog, you’ll know I expected to be back on Wednesday.  I didn’t get home until Friday.  Everything went fine with me.  CSections seem to be fairly routine now; I was in and out of surgery in an hour.  Unfortunately for Wesley, sometimes when babies are born via CSection, they can have a few breathing problems.  It became apparent on Monday that he was breathing to fast and he was having a lot of problems breastfeeding.  He couldn’t latch on properly and he wasn’t breathing well when he did.  They took him to the nursery for a little observation late Monday and he didn’t make it back to our room until Thursday.  At first they thought he had pneumonia (talk about panic inducing!) but it wound up that he had extra fluid in his lungs from not being born the normal way.  Something about those last few pushes out the birth canal squeeze all that extra fluid out of babies and since he wasn’t pushed at all, it stayed in his lungs.  But he was a trooper and is doing fine now.  Talk about scary though!

He is such a sweet baby.  He loves to cuddle, which is lucky, don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks??  He is eating much, much better.  It took some work and patience for both of us, but now he loves the boobies!  And he’s sleeping better than I am 🙂  Ellie loves him, but she’s having a few jealousy issues.  We are all working hard to reassure her of our love.  It doesn’t help that I can’t hold her yet.  Girlfriend weighs about 35 pounds and I can’t lift anything heavier than the baby yet.  It makes us both sad. 

Thanks to lots of extra time in the hospital (they let us stay on even though I was discharged Wednesday, I can’t wait to see our bill) I did wind up reading some.  I read quite a few magazines, but I also had the hubby bring Kristin Lavransdatter to me.  I’ve finished the first book and am well into the second.  I continue to be surprised by how readable and accessible this text is.  I wish I could translate the original text some myself, because I find myself wondering how it compares.  It is such a fascinating book too.  I think I’ll go read some now, while my brief respite lasts!  Or poor Dracula, which I haven’t read in over a week! 

One more big shock last week; thanks to the extended stay in the hospital, my husband actually picked up, and almost finished, a book.  He only reads magazines, and not even those that often.  It wasn’t a small book either, but one that is probably over 300 pages.  I haven’t read it yet.  But he read World War Z by Max Brooks and really seemed to enjoy it!  I was so proud, proud of both my boys!  LOL

Get this kid out of me!

6 days to go my friends!  At least it’s 6 days until my surgery date.  I’ve had a few contractions today and, it may be too much information for some (guys!), but I lost part of my mucus plug this morning.  Bloody!  Highlight that to read it.  I don’t want to gross anyone out 😉

Was a pretty good weekend though.  I finished part 2 of book one of Kristin Lavransdatter and the first 4 chapters of Dracula.  I am so shocked by how much I am enjoying KL.  It’s SO huge (1100+ pages) but it is so easy to sit down and read a good hour on it.  I’m finding it a lot easier than Dracula actually! 

I also got a lot done on the knitting of Wesley’s baby blanket.  And, we kicked off the big week of birthdays with my BIL’s party today.  His birthday is tomorrow.  My SsIL (as in sisters-in-law, they are twins) will have their birthday this weekend (the 9th) and unless he makes an unscheduled appearance, Wesley will be here Monday.  OMG, I still can’t believe I will have another baby by this time next week.  Is it just me, or did time really fly by?? 

To pretty up this post, here’s a great shot I got of the wee girl with one of her beloved horses yesterday!