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So, Just How Big Am I?

July 31, 2007 Photos 11

I’m freaking huge, man!


Excuse the mismatched clothing, but hey, I’m comfortable!  5 weeks 6 days and counting!

And, don’t forget, the new issue of Estella’s Revenge is live today!  We have another fantastic issue with lots of articles and reviews; including my review of the fantastic Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott!  So go check it out!



I hate to say it…

July 31, 2007 Books 7

but I think I’m in a reading slump.  I think it goes beyond my self-diagnosis of PPD, or Post-Potter Depression.  I think I’m going to have to blame it on the wee boy.  He’s not even here yet and he’s interrupting my reading time!!  It’s starting to hit me that he will be here in less than 6 weeks and I have Very Little Ready.

Not to mention energy is not exactly through the roof for me at the mo’. 

I did read, and complete, Colleen Gleason’s second book in her Vampire series.  Rises the Night was just as good as the first one, The Rest Falls Away.  I need to review it.  Hope I can focus.  I picked up Kristin Lavransdatter last night for the first time in a week (I paused to read Harry and then RtN) and read a couple of pages.  What I read was fantastic, this is such a great novel, but I just couldn’t focus!  I hate not focusing!!!  It gets my panties in a twist. 

I’ve mooched a few more books; mostly travel ones because for some reason they are really calling to me lately. At least they are calling for me to OWN them, not exactly to read them.  I got West With the Night by Beryl Markham after Danielle mentioned it over at her blog.  I read the first couple pages of it last night as well.  It looks like it will be a great read, if only I can make myself read it.  I’m pretty sure I got Give Me the World by Leila Hadley because of Danielle too.  She’s such an enabler.  I managed to snag the biography of Zelda Fitzgerald by Nancy Milford as well.  Zelda has always fascinated me, so I’d really love to read this one soon.  Just today I mooched another book, one Colin Thurbin called Behind the Wall: A Journey Through China.  China has always fascinated me. 

So obviously, I have no shortage to stuff to read.  I just lack brain power.  Help me!






Three guesses

July 20, 2007 Books 4

as to what I’m doing tomorrow!  Here, I’ll give you a hint:


Is anyone half as anxious about it as I am??  I actually feel nervous!

I’m going to need lots of pillows, chocolate, water, and quiet!

Have a good weekend everybody!




How Fortunate!

July 16, 2007 Miscellaneous 6

From my fortune cookie on Friday:

Good books are friends who are always ready to talk to us. 

So true!  And how lucky of me to pick that one!



I Feel Crafty!

July 15, 2007 Miscellaneous 5

Oh so crafty!

Yeah, that is totally to the tune of “I Feel Happy” from West Side Story.  So what? :P

But I do, I feel oh so crafty here lately!  You see, not only am I expecting a baby, but so are my two other best friends.  I don’t know what it is about us three; we always wind up pregnant at the same time.  And somehow always in the same order.  Odd.

Anyway, one friend is aboutthisclose to having her baby, whilst the other has a c-section scheduled for next week.  And I’m not too far behind.  So you know what that means!  Baby gifts!!  And, being me, I’m WAY behind.  I’ve almost finished knitting a blanket for the c-section friend.  And I fixed up a shirt for the wee girl too.  But I still have to get one done for almostthereanydaynow friend for her boy.  And probably a shirt too.  Hopefully then I can get back to my own boy’s blanket and clothes!  Now, I say I’m fixing a shirt, but, since I can’t really sew at ALL, I’m sort of cheating.  The a is for Aiden, the baby’s name.  See here:


And here’s her blanket.


First one in awhile I have been really happy with.  The hubby’s been feeling crafty too.  He painted this for a friend of ours who has a new niece.  He’s so talented!




Needed a change

July 12, 2007 Books, Miscellaneous 7

but I guess if you come here at all regular, you could tell.  I was tired of all the white on that old template.  To bland and bright.  I am not a bright person at the moment (too fat and tooooo pregnant!). This is much more pleasing.  For now anyway.

In other news; hubby comes home tonight!  Yay!  I slept last night – thanks to my friend Benadryl!  Yay!  And I started another book.  I’m a moron.  But, and there is always a but, isn’t there?  But I have been wanting to read the next book in Rick Riordian’s Percy Jackson series since I bought it, so I just had to peek!  Next thing I knew I’d read 50 pages!  Such great, light entertainment.  Plus it’s hard to concentrate with the hubby gone.  I miss him too much.

stone2no2.jpgThe kiddo is going to Fairystone State Park today.  That is a fairystone.  It’s a fun place with a (very cold) lake to swim in, ride paddle boats, and stuff.  And there is also a pretty cool story behind the place:

Fairy Stone State Park, the largest of Virginia’s six original state parks, is home to its namesake “fairy stones.” These rare mineral crosses and the park’s scenic beauty, rich history and ample recreational opportunities make it a local and regional favorite. The 4,537 acres that make up the park were donated by Junius B. Fishburn, former owner of the Roanoke Times, in 1933. The Civilian Conservation Corps originally created the park, its lake and many structures still in use there.

The Legend of the Fairy Stone: Many hundreds of years before Chief Powhatan’s reign, fairies were dancing around a spring of water, playing with naiads and wood nymphs, when an elfin messenger arrived from a city far away. He brought news of the death of Christ. When these creatures of the forest heard the story of the crucifixion, they wept. As their tears fell upon the earth, they crystallized to form beautiful crosses.

For many years people held these little crosses in superstitious awe, firm in the belief that they protected the wearer against witchcraft, sickness, accidents and disaster. Fairy stones are staurolite, a combination of silica, iron and aluminum. Staurolite crystallizes at 60 or 90 degree angles, hence the stone’s cross-like structure. Found only in rocks once subjected to great heat and pressure, the mineral was formed long, long ago, during the rise of the Appalachian Mountains. The stones are most commonly shaped like St. Andrew’s cross, an “X,” but “T” shaped Roman crosses and square Maltese crosses are the most sought-after.

The rare staurolite stones are found elsewhere but not in such abundance as at Fairy Stone State Park. For more information, please visit

How cool that they are a natural occurance in nature!   How I hate that I have to work today!  I wanna go too!!!