It's all good!

Well, after the initial shock, the bitching and the moaning, the “good God what will we dos!” I have decided this may be a good thing.  The hubby loosing his job thing, that is.  It was fantastic paying job, but it was a 50 minute drive from home every morning, 50 minutes back at the end of the day.  He had to stand on a cement floor all day; he was forbidden to sit down, except at lunch.  And he is WAY to smart for the job he was doing.  So, at the end of the day, this may be a good thing.  Luckily, his last day isn’t until May, so he has lots of time to look around and find something more suitable.

It’s all good!

I got my Bookmarks magazine in the mail yesterday!!  And here I thought my subscription had run out!  I’m so excited!  Now I have that and Bookforum to read this weekend.  Bookforum has a very interesting looking article about Paul Auster.  And Bookmarks has articles about Wallace Stegner and Hermann Hesse!  Between that, fixing up Estella’s Revenge for the coming up March publication and The Winter Rose, my weekend is looking buzzzzzy!   I think I’ll make some soup and stay in all weekend. 

Oh, and, not usually one to call attention to myself, but I am sort of surprised no one noticed I posted the first 2 very rough chapters of my NaNovel.  If you recall, I wrote about 20,000 words for my NaNoWriMo attempt before life got the better of me and I ran out of time.  If you look up above my lovely banner, you will see pages.   In the very corner is my Novel.  Just in case you’re bored and have nothing better to read. 

Best week ever!


Well, maybe it’s not the worst EVER, don’t want to tempt fate here, but it has been pretty damn close.

First, Sunday started off terrible when the hubby’s grandpa died.  It wasn’t totally unexpected, he’d been sick for awhile, but nonetheless startling and very sad.  The funeral was conducted in 35 degree F, drizzly weather, but it was simple, quick, and very nice.

Hubby took two days off from work and returned Wednesday.  Only to find out that they were closing the plant where he works and he was being laid off.  So, effective May 18, he will be without a job.  Unless he finds something soon.

Hmm… good things this week?  I haven’t thrown up all week.  And I finished the Tea Rose which was just as GOOD a read as it was the first time.  And that’s about it.


faery.jpgI am official addicted to BookMooch.  I have spent hours the past week scouring the available books and adding others to my wish list.  And in the last couple of weeks I’ve netted myself some fantastic finds.  A pristine copy of The Birth House by Ami McKay arrived at my house earlier in the week and just yesterday a perfect, hardback copy of The Faery Reel came.  I’ve read the Faery Reel before, it an absolute fantastic collection of short stories by the likes of Kelly Link, Charles De Lint, Delia Sherman, and Gregory Maguire to name a few that was edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow.  I highly recommend.  Even if you don’t necessarily care for fairy tales and light-scifi, it is amazing as is the similar The Green Man: Tales of the Mythic Forest.  And I can’t wait to dig into The Birth House, I think.  Being preggers makes me wonder if I want to be reading a book about a midwife right now.  We’ll see.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. 

And, praise be, I am finally into a fantastic book!  Granted, it’s a reread, but it’s a wonderful one to be rereading.  It’s The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly (FanTASTic writer! Really, really good historical fiction.) and I am loving just as much as the first time, which was 4 years ago and really, how much do I remember? Verrry little.  After that will be The Winter Rose, the second in the trilogy.  The third comes out in England this summer and I expect I’ll have to order it.  I plan on curling up tonight with TR and gulping down large quantites of it. 

Gimme an A!

Amanda had a fun meme up on her blog that she got from BookGirl.  I asked for a letter and she gave me an A!  The deal is you are given a letter and then you post 10 things you like that begin with that letter. Not as easy as it looks!  Onward!

1. Asian food! I loooooves me some Asian food. Chinese, Japanese, even the occasional Vietnamese. Love it all! Especially lo mein. And hibachi shrimp. With white sauce. Mmmm……

2.! Okay, I admit it. I am an Amazon junkie. I go there at least once a day to look at books, my wish list, recommendations. The day is not complete if I haven’t stopped by for a browse.

3. Archer. One of my favorite names on my baby name list. This full name is Gabriel Archer for a boy. One of my great-great grandfather’s names was Gabriel (another was Gideon!). And I just like Archer.

4. American Idol. Once the tryouts are over, I loooove watching me some American Idol. I hate the tryout period though. It’s too…painful.

5. Amanda and Andi! My best blogging buds and reading buddies. I don’t know what I’d do without these girls as I don’t have any “real” life reading friends.

6. Art! I used to draw quite a bit and paint some too. Now I don’t have as much time to mess around with things, but I do still fiddle with my Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop for my blog and for Estella’s Revenge.

7. Arches. As in Golden ones. I am not ashamed to admit I love McDonalds. Especially their fries. Yum!

8. Accents. I love foreign accents, especially Irish, Scotish and British. And Italian. They are just so damn sexy.

9. Authors! Finally! I figured out how to include books! I have many favorite authors including; Joanne Harris, Alexandre Dumas, Angela Carter, Wilkie Collins, Stephenie Meyer, Markus Zusak, Jane Austen and many, MANY more. Many.

10. Anglophiles! Speaking of accents, I love most all things British. I am just fascinated by the country, it’s history, it’s people…everything!

If you want to play leave me a comment and I’ll give you a letter!


deathly.jpgHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling will be published around the world in the English language on Saturday, 21st July 2007, Bloomsbury has announced.  Bloomsbury will be publishing their children’s hardback edition (ISBN 978 0 7475 9105 4), an adult hardback edition (ISBN 978 0 7475 9106 1), as well as a special gift edition and, jointly with HNP, the audio book, read by Stephen Fry and released simultaneously for the first time. The standard hardbacks have a Recommended Retail Price of £17.99.

Sale of the book in all time zones is embargoed until 00:01 BST (British Summer Time) on Saturday 21st July 2007.


Oh my goodness I can’t wait!