Saint Therese of Lisieux

I just finished an interesting little book called Saint Therese of Lisieux by Kathryn Harrison. It is the life story of a little nun from France who rose up, after death from tuberculosis at age 24, and became a beloved Saint. I found her life to be very interesting, but had a hard time relating to her amazing…faith. I am a Christian, I was raised in a Baptist church, which may be where my lack of understanding comes from. But many times while reading this I had this thought…if this girl had been this obsessed with something else besides Jesus people would have thought she was crazy. At the same time, I really admired her persistence, her dedication to Him and I even envied her a little bit. While I believe in God and that Jesus was His son and that He died for our sins I sometimes have trouble walking the straight line. This girl thought that smelling a flower could distract her from God and from being the person she thought she should be. I found her to be very extreme in her measures to be closer to God. Personally, I tend to find God in things like flowers and nature and feel closer to Him when out in nature. All the same, I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

On the tube: Elmo, of course
In my tummy: Rice, a Bubba burger (yes, you read that right) and cumber (cucumber in Ellie speak)
Reading now: A little more Harry Potter and Babyville by Jane Green

Jennifer Weiner

I have discovered a new author, thanks to Andi-roo of Tripping Toward Lucidity! I have mentioned her here before but I haven’t reviewed any of her books. I am talking about the fabulous Jennifer Weiner, Chick Lit author extraordinaire. So far I have read two of her three books, Good In Bed and In Her Shoes. Both were really great reads. You know, I used to read quite a bit of the chick lit genre but I had stopped because a lot of the novels I was reading seemed to be following a pre-established plot line; girl has boy, girls looses boy, girl wants boy back, girl finally “sees” boy who was there all along and they live happily ever after. Granted, there was a little bit of this in Weiner’s Good In Bed, but her writing is so powerful, so detailed and well written…I just didn’t care. I have never read such powerful pieces of writing about the pain of loosing a parent …something I have been through myself…not even in what was it Weiner called it? “Gray Lady” literature? Her father abandons the main character in Good In Bed, Cannie Shapiro, at a young age as my mother did me. Except I was younger than her. But I digress.

I really don’t understand the…stigma…chick lit has. This is some of the smartest, hippest, easiest to identify with, literature that is being published today…in my opinion anyway. And Jennifer Weiner is a great place to start!

Check this out

Gardiner Public Library, in Gardiner Maine did their annual Celebrity Reading List. It has actors/actresses, writers, singers, even Presidents, etc; and everything they are recommended you reading this year. They also have an index of past years. Great stuff!

In other news, I think I am sorely in need of a new job. I am so bored here; processing mail, running copies…being called “The Copy Girl.” I have an English degree for goodness sakes!


I just wish I knew how to use it. I’ve thought of writing, but don’t think I’m that good of a writer. I’m not…descriptive enough. I’ve thought of teaching but I lack the patience of Job so that doesn’t fit either. There’s nothing left!

Sorry to whine, just another boring day here in the depths of hell.

CR: Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone by JK Rowling
Saint Therese of Lisieux by Kathryn Harrison
JF: Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner the best book of the year for me so far!
Up next: In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner
Music: I’m thinking some Rock ‘n Roll for the ride home!

Going off this weekend…

with the wee babe, DH, and my aunt & uncle. They have a condo in the mountains. I guess it will be fun, at least I hope so. Hubby and I had a bit of a row last night and things still feel really awkward with him. Silly stuff really, I’m just having an emotional week and even though we’ve been married almost 5 years, he doesn’t understand why I cry sometimes. He thinks I just do it to make him feel bad but I don’t. I do it because I feel bad. Duh. Sometimes emotions well up and geez, I gotta get rid of them somehow! Anyway, hopefully a weekend away will help.

I’m going to take Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner which I am a little over halfway through. Can’t wait to finish it because I am really enjoying it! Thanks for the recommendation Andi! I think I will also take Gilead; want to see what all the hoopla is about there. Also thinking of taking the first Harry Potter. I want to revisit the whole series before June 16!!!