I haven’t quite finished it yet, but I’m pretty close and I already know what I want to say about it, so I’m going to do it now 🙂

Possession by AS Byatt

This is a reread for me. I read it, probably, at least 5 years ago and couldn’t remember much about it. Except that I had really enjoyed it. So I decided to read it again.

First, let me say, that this book is very…complicated. There are about a million different (not really, maybe 10 though) plot lines, all weaving and dancing around each other. About halfway through the book it all starts coming together beautifully.

I don’t want to go to much into the plot, because I find that when I do I give to much away. But here is the link to amazon if you want to know about what the book is about. I’m only going to deal with my feelings upon read this again. I have to add that two of the main characters are poets and a lot of their poetry and writings are weaved in as well.

The first time I read this, I loved the story. However, not being much of a poetry lover, that part of the story didn’t really appeal to me. Actually…I skimmed over the poems. I know *cringe!* This time though, I read it. And I loved it even more. This book is rich. Like a elegant chocolate or a heady wine…there are so many layers, so many thoughts and actions and feeeeelings. One reading so not nearly enough to experience all there is to be experienced in this book.

Oh my, can you tell I love it?

I hope I am communicating that properly because I DO LOVE THIS BOOK. I think anyone who loves literature should read this book. When I get time I’ll post more later. Gotta go work (yuck!) now.