Knock, Knock!

Goofing off with the digital camcorder yesterday… Here’s my son with his knock knock joke and yes, that is me in the background talking, in all my Southern accented glory.

I will translate below *wink*

So, basically, he’s TRYING to tell the classic banana and orange joke, but, well, he skips to the end, sort of.  He’s been telling it this way for months and no matter HOW MANY TIMES we try to teach him the correct way to tell it, he tells it this way.  Which is fine with me because it is SO CUTE.

There was another hilarious thing from him today.  I was cooking in the kitchen and, his favorite question to ask at any time (sometimes over and over and OVER) is “Whatcha doin?” Well, he asked me and I said I’m making cheesecake.  Well, I just totally blew his mind.  He was all “Cheese?  Cake?  Cheesecake??” And then, in his best OMG WHAT voice said CHEESECAKE!!!!!

He loves cheese.

He loves cake.

So, the possibility of CHEESECAKE just sent him over the edge.  I can’t wait to see his face when he sees that’s a CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE!