I Don’t Feel So Bad – Some Favorite Things


1. Chai Latte. Where have you been all my life? Seriously. I die without it.


2. Coloring books. It’s not COMPLETELY new, I’ve been coloring (and drawing and such) for a long time, but in the last couple of weeks it has reached near obsession. Buying Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest DID NOT HELP.

3. Pasta. Again, not new, but since going Gluten Free I have had a super hard time finding one I like. Now I have two! I had alfredo the other night and I HAPPY. Two years without good ole pasta with tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, and parmesan is a freaking long time.

4. YouTube. Hey, I didn’t say they were NEW or OLD favorite things. Sure, YouTube has been around a VERY LONG TIME, I just never paid it much attention (except for you, my dear Andi!) but now, suddenly, I am waking up to the marvels of YT. I’m learning InDesign, getting coloring tips, and excellent book recommendations. Oh, and the occasional Jamestown Revival song:

or The Brothers Bright

5. Incidentally, I am really loving on some music right now. I went on a mission a month or so ago to find some new tunes and I hit the jackpot in a little genre called Southern Gothic. I’ve also seen it called Dark Americana, Americana, and other such things. It’s like the bastard lovechild of Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, American Roots, and Country. With some soul and jazz thrown it. It includes old (Johnny Cash) and new (Delta Ray) and oh so much loveliness in between. It nurtures my repressed goth soul. Some of my favorites include the aforementioned Delta Ray, The Brothers Bright, Jamestown Revival, and others like Lucette, Dorothy, Sun Kil Moon, Kari Kimmel (Black is like the BEST SONG EVER), Whiskey Shivers, and yeah, I could go on and on. I’ll make you a playlist. I’m sure you won’t listen, but if you actually do, PLEASE let me know if you like any of it. I don’t know anyone who listens to this stuff!

What new (or maybe not so new) favorite things are you jamming on right now?

Weekend Music – Jamie N Commons & Imagine Dragons

I wasn’t going to post about music this week, but I accidentally found a couple of bands I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT (ahem) that I just had to share with whoever is still out there.

Firstly, I was looking for the second band, when I found this guy. Looking at this guy…well, wow. I just didn’t expect that voice to come out.

I love this song; The Preacher.

This one is pretty good too!

I like this upbeat number too!

Now, the song I was actually looking for, was by Imagine Dragons, which I actually should have recognized. I already had them in my Spotify! (Go figure!) I AM OBSESSED with Radioactive. (The video is wild. And slightly creepy.)

This is the only other video they have on their channel:

I really like their harmonics on this song:

And this is just happy as all get out:

There you have it for this week. What are you obsessed with lately?



A Music Post

I don’t know what to call my music post yet, or what day I’m going to do it on (I am leaning toward Sunday though!), so right now it’s just called A Music Post. Not feeling terribly creative this morning!

First thing, I have to apologize to Chris. I’m PRETTY sure he tried to introduce me to Grace Potter once before, on one of his Christmas gift mixes. I guess it was a matter of timing, because it didn’t click. It does now though. Sorry Chris, because what a voice!

And also:

Thanks Pandora, I discovered Damien Rice. I am so butt crazy in love with this song, OMG.

Lastly, this girl is awesome. Her voice. Oh my gosh. Love.

Um, I never realized this was Adrian Brody in this video… And no, I didn’t *just* discover Tori Amos…let’s just say I *just* discovered a new appreciation of her.

Also, I started another YouTube playlist of songs I like that are not classical crossover. It’s here….How about you? Heard any good music lately?