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Weekend Music – Jamie N Commons & Imagine Dragons

March 30, 2013 Music 1

I wasn’t going to post about music this week, but I accidentally found a couple of bands I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT (ahem) that I just had to share with whoever is still out there.

Firstly, I was looking for the second band, when I found this guy. Looking at this guy…well, wow. I just didn’t expect that voice to come out.

I love this song; The Preacher.

This one is pretty good too!

I like this upbeat number too!

Now, the song I was actually looking for, was by Imagine Dragons, which I actually should have recognized. I already had them in my Spotify! (Go figure!) I AM OBSESSED with Radioactive. (The video is wild. And slightly creepy.)

This is the only other video they have on their channel:

I really like their harmonics on this song:

And this is just happy as all get out:

There you have it for this week. What are you obsessed with lately?





A Music Post

August 5, 2012 Lists, Music 6

I don’t know what to call my music post yet, or what day I’m going to do it on (I am leaning toward Sunday though!), so right now it’s just called A Music Post. Not feeling terribly creative this morning!

First thing, I have to apologize to Chris. I’m PRETTY sure he tried to introduce me to Grace Potter once before, on one of his Christmas gift mixes. I guess it was a matter of timing, because it didn’t click. It does now though. Sorry Chris, because what a voice!

And also:

Thanks Pandora, I discovered Damien Rice. I am so butt crazy in love with this song, OMG.

Lastly, this girl is awesome. Her voice. Oh my gosh. Love.

Um, I never realized this was Adrian Brody in this video… And no, I didn’t *just* discover Tori Amos…let’s just say I *just* discovered a new appreciation of her.

Also, I started another YouTube playlist of songs I like that are not classical crossover. It’s here….How about you? Heard any good music lately?