Currently // Watching the Clock

Right this minute | I’m sitting on the couch and writing up this post. I’m watching the clock because it’s almost time to get ready for church.

Feeling | Nervous. My boys (the big one and the small one) are both getting baptised today. Quite the thing for a father and son to do together, yes? I’m nervous, because you just never know what my mischievous little one is going to do….

Reading | I’m supposed to be reading something, right? Ugh. I went brain dead around Wednesday and haven’t read a thing. Work has just taken all my energy this week.

Listening | Mostly music. A healthy dose of Jamestown Revival.

Watching | I am so behind on all my shows. I haven’t watched a thing.

Blogging | I did some of that. Last week, right? Geez, I can’t remember and am too lazy to go look.

Promoting | Andi started a hashtag on Twitter. #Thanks2BookBloggers. You should check it out. It will make you glad to be a book blogger.

Loving | That I’m off started Wednesday!!! I love Thanksgiving.

Hating | That Christmas is already everywhere. I’m not a Scrooge, per say, but I do like a gap between my holidays.

Eating | I’m waiting for Wednesday and Thursday. lol

Exercising | I didn’t get to walk as much this week. Just too busy at work. I hope to pick it back up after Thanksgiving, when this huge job will be finished.

Anticipating | Turkey! Stuffing! Potatoes!

Meal Planning| I didn’t do that this week. I’ll be winging it until Wednesday, when I’ll be cooking the turkey for my family. Plus a pie. And gravy. Yay Thanksgiving!

Currently // The Monday Blahs

Right this minute | I’m just overjoyed it’s Monday again. This is going to be one heck of a busy week and I’m already ready for Friday.

Feeling | Pretty good irregardless! Let’s do this thing!

Reading | I’m currently still reading Leaving Orbit by Margaret Lazarus Dean, which is utterly fantastic but, because I’m reading the actually book, I’m having a hard time finding time to read it. The main issue is light. I can’t have it on past a certain time because with the layout of our house, it would be in someone’s sleeping eyes. I can’t wait to move.

Because of this, I started On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads by Tim Cope because it’s on my iPad.

Both of these reads are for Nonfiction November.

Lastly, I was able to nail my son down long enough to read the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to him. He was begging for more, so I think I hooked him. Yay!

Listening | I’m currently listening to Dr. Mütter’s Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. It’s crazy good. After that, most likely Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff. 

Watching | I watched movies this weekend! The hubby and I had a “home date” since the kids were at my inlaws. We watched Horrible Bosses 2 and Vacation. Both were stupid, but in a funny way. It was nice to sit down and laugh with him.

Blogging | Let’s see…last week I shared what I was reading, put together a top ten list of books to movies I’m actually looking forward to, posted a couple of fiction/nonfiction pairings for Nonfiction November, discussed The Penguin Lessons, which surprised me by being about more than just a penguin and his human mate, and shared my meal plan for the week. Hey, I did a pretty good job of posting last week! Go me!

Promoting | Hey, there is still plenty of time to join the Potter Binge. You don’t have to read the whole series! Start wherever you like!


Loving | The weather. It was a glorious weekend of sunshine and mid 60s. I am not looking forward to the rain in the forecast later this week.

Hating | Rain. Seriously yo. I’ve had enough.

Exercising | I did some! Really, I swear! I walked a mile and a half Thursday and Friday before work and I walked two miles Sunday. Go me!

Anticipating | The holidays. I love Thanksgiving!

Have a great week!

Currently // Pain, pain, go away….

Right this minute | Migraine

Feeling | Migraine

Reading | Nothing at the moment. Migraine.

Listening | The sound of silence.

Watching | Nothing. Migraine.

Blogging | This. Barely.

Promoting | There is still time to join us for the #PotterBinge! Details at The Estella Society.


Loving | The silence.

Hating | Gluten.

Eating | No more donuts, that’s for sure. I had a bit of chocolate Chex cereal, to go with the drugs.

Exercising | I can barely walk in a straight line. No, actually I really can’t.

Anticipating | This migraine going away.

Sorry for the whiny post! Just, ugh.

Currently // Daylight Savings Hangover

Right this minute | Sitting on the couch, unwillingly watching Uncle Grandpa and seriously considering a nap. I coughed all night long. Ugh.

Feeling | Pretty tired. I have Bronchitis. Again. Blah.

Reading | Inching my way through Vermilion by Molly Tanzer, Leaving Orbit: Notes from the Last Days of American Spaceflight by Margaret Lazarus Dean, and am getting ready to start Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the Estella Society #PotterBinge.

Listening | I’m between audiobooks at the moment, so I may take the break to catch up on some podcasts today, while doing laundry and hiding out on the couch. I have new Limetown and The Message to listen to!

Watching | See Right This Minute. Am not happy.

Blogging | Did pretty good this past week! Let’s keep it up Heather!

Promoting | PotterBinge! There is still time to sign up. You can read all 7 or just the last one, we don’t care! Free Range Reading!

Loving | Nyquil.

Hating | Bronchitis and my susceptibility to it.

Eating | Just had some gluten free Special K. Breakfast of gluten free champions.

Exercising | Walked a lot last night trick or treating!

Anticipating | Working on a project. Waiting on January. Time. Moves so slow.

Have a great week!!

Currently // What’s Up Buttercup?

Right this minute | Sitting on the couch, wishing I didn’t have a sore throat and wearing one of my favorite dresses. Also, check out my new header! I am all kinds of loving it.

Feeling | Kinda froggy.

Reading | I am reading THE MOST AWESOME BOOK EVER. Okay, that’s premature, but I am enjoying the hell out of Vermilion by Molly Tanzer. It’s about a gender fluid, biracial, psychopomp. Try saying that five times fast.

Listening | I started listening to Jackaby by William Ritter just this morning and I am so hooked. I am not looking forward to RIPX being over.

Watching | I have so many shows to catch up on! The Readathon got me a little behind. I need to watch The Black List, Blindspot, Heroes: Reborn, and Minority Report! AND, since we’re getting Showtime, I really really want to watch Penny Dreadful. Like, binge watch it.

Blogging | I have to get back in the groove. I did post my reading for the week and the Top Ten Tuesday for this week. And I posted my meal plan that I hope to complete, since I am in a food funk.

Promoting | Nothing AT THE MOMENT. But something. Very soon.

Loving | The weather! Fall is my season y’all.

Hating | That I appear to be getting yet another cold.

Eating | All I have had so far is ginger ale and candy corn. This is not good.

Exercising | Um….let me get back to you on that.

Anticipating | Halloween!! I do not think I am going to dress up, but I am debating on painting my face like a sugar skull.

Have a great week y’all!

Currently // Post Readathon

Right this minute | I am sitting on the couch, watching my son play Super Mario Maker and my daughter playing with her Halloween costume. I have my last book beside me and a barely reduced stack in front of me on the coffee table.

Feeling | I have a slight book hangover and I’m hungry.

Reading | I am currently finishing up my last Readathon book; The Queen’s Caprice by Jean Echenoz

Listening | I hope to listen to some more of Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson and wrap up the first season of The Black Tapes podcast. <–Seriously awesome.

Watching | I have a bunch of shows to catch up on, as I didn’t have time to watch anything last week. I need to watch new episodes of The Black List, Blindspot, Minority Report, and Heroes: Reborn.

Blogging | I hope I can get back into a rhythm, now that the Readathon is done.

Promoting | Nothing yet! But Andi and I have something up our sleeves for the Winter season. Stay tuned!

Loving | The weather! It finally feels like autumn! Pumpkin Spice Lattes! And everyone who helped or took part in the Readathon. Honestly, it was the best one yet.

Hating | My daughter chewing with her mouth open. Stop it!

Eating | Nothing yet. We have no milk. 🙁

Exercising | I’m thinking about hitting the trail near our house today, since the weather is so gorgeous!

Anticipating | Another day of reading….

Meal Planning | I did that, but honestly, I just don’t feel like typing it up. I know tacos are in there somewhere.

Currently // Rain, rain, go away….

Right this minute | I’m listening to the wind and rain outside. It just doesn’t seem to go want to go away! It’s been raining since Friday. We have lots of area flooding and downed trees in the area. Thankfully, we’re unscathed (knocks wood).

Feeling | Pretty good! Just wish the kids would hush and get along. They woke up fussing.

Reading | I’ve already finished 2 books for my #15in31 challenge! I read Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (Scott Pilgrim #2) yesterday and started The Dead Ladies Project by Jessa Crispin yesterday. If I could find a quiet hole where no one could find me to bother me (the bathtub?), I could probably read a sizeable chunk of it today. I picked those two, plus My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, at B&N Friday night. I needed a bit of retail therapy. I hope to read MBF next.

Listening | I listened to Heartburn by Nora Ephron, read by MERYL F’ING STREEP, Thursday, then started Beloved by Toni Morrison, read by TONI F’ING MORRISON Friday. My God her voice is magic.

Watching | I’m all caught up on The Blacklist (Holy Cow! Bitch better step off my beloved Dembe!) and Blindspot. Need to catch up on Minority Report and Heroes: Reborn today.

Blogging | Blogging is going to be few and far between until after October 17th. All my free computer time is going to the Readathon. However, I did manage to post my join-up post for #15in31 and my meal plan for the week.

Promoting | The Readathon y’all! October 17th! If you can’t read, you can always help cheer!

Loving | Sweater weather!!! I got a new, cozy sweater Friday, and I’ve been living in it. I need to wash it so I can continue living in it.

Hating | While I love a great day of rain, I think we’ve had enough.

Eating | I just had some Cheerios. So good.

Exercising | I’m still trying to get more steps in throughout the day. Lots of pacing going on at work. I’m surprised no one has said anything about it yet!

Anticipating | The readathon! And getting back to my books! Bye!

Have a great week!

Currently // Cough, wheeze, sniff

Right this minute | Wallowing in the first case of Bronchitis that I’ve had in awhile. I even had to get a shot! Ouch!

Feeling | Tired. And hungry.

Reading | I hope to finish up The Marvels today. It’s so good! I just love Brian Selznick’s work.

Listening | I started listening to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs on Friday. It’s a reread. I still haven’t read the second one and here is the third one coming out, plus the movie soon! I needed to refresh my memory of the story.

Watching | I watched the premiere’s of Blindspot and Heroes Reborn this week. Blindspot looks like it could be good, I just hope they start covering that poor girl up soon! I never quite finished the first Heroes series, but I’m almost there. I watched most of the new show’s premiere and I didn’t feel TOO lost. I need to finish Heroes soon though.

Blogging | I haven’t had much time to put into my blog, since I’ve been working on the Readathon! I did post a look at what’s going on behind the scenes of the readathon, from my viewpoint.  Andi posted another such post last week. Expect more of these!

I also posted my meal plan for the week last week. I hope I can stick to it!

Promoting |

Loving |

Hating |

Eating |

Exercising |

Anticipating |

Meal Planning|

Currently // 4 Boys and a Girl, Oh My!

Right this minute | I’m watching my three nephews, son, and daughter hangout in my living room. There are FIVE children in my house. Whoa mama.

Feeling | Borderline overwhelmed.

Reading | I’m not sure yet. It’s early.

Listening | I’ve been listening to Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Lenny Henry is rocking it!

Watching | I don’t know. They are playing some game on the Wii U. It’s….weird.

Blogging | It’s sporatic, isn’t it? Will be until after Dewey’s Readathon, I’m afraid.

Promoting | Dewey’s!!! Signups should go up tomorrow! I should go write that post!

Loving | The weather! It actually feels like fall!!!

Hating | Politics. And it’s really just getting started, isn’t it?

Eating | Something. Soon. I’m hungry!

Exercising | I really need to get on that. Seriously. My joints would feel so much better, I know.

Anticipating | The readathon, duh!

Meal Planning| I did it. I just don’t feel like getting up to find it. I know it involves soup, potato and kielbasa casserole, and something to do with chicken. Bah.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!

Currently // What time is it, anyway?

Right this minute | I’m sooooo tired y’all.

Feeling | Accomplished. Even though we’ve been running Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon for a few years now, we just finally, completely, took it all over this weekend. It has involved some moving around and scary moments of WHERE DID IT GO???? but, I think, we’re finally, mostly, back in business. Lost the template in the move, so I’ll be working on a new one for the site. Hope it’s ready before October 17th!

Reading | I’m not sure I’m reading anything…. I think I’m supposedly working on a couple of things. I’d have to check Goodreads to see what they are.

Listening | I am, right this minute, listening to The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. The audiobook is lovely and my favorite way to read this book. This may be my fifth reread? Not sure.

Watching | My son’s 8th birthday was this past week and he received a few new games. I’ve been watching him play that. I’ve also watched quite a few coloring how-to videos on YouTube. That sounds SO dorky.

Blogging | I haven’t done very well lately! SO BUSY. Let’s see, last week I shared what I was reading, had a few thoughts on what it’s like to read an author’s last book, and shared a few things that make me ridiculously happy.

Promoting | Let’s see here….

Image used with permission, property of Abigail Larson.
Image used with permission, property of Abigail Larson.



Loving | The weather! It actually felt like fall here today and it was glorious.

Hating | My washing machine. It takes for-flipping-ever to wash clothes now. We need a new one desperately. Or a husband who would kindly look at it.

Eating | I had cereal for supper. It was so exciting.

Exercising | I walked some today! Yay me!

Anticipating | So many things.

Meal Planning | Uh….I need to do that.